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Our Game Modes Outlined

Sektor 7 Game Modes

  • TDM (Team death match): Players are split between 2 different teams and set on both ends of shanty town. Players have 2 respawns which are touch and go at the designated respawn point. Once the player has been shot out after their second time respawning they are out for the game. Game time is 10 minutes swapping sides between 2 rounds.

  • Attack and Defend: Players are split between 2 teams. The defending team is given 3 lives all being respawns at a designated respawn point. The defending team must keep the designated red and yellow post from being removed/knocked over. Defenders must stay within a 25ft radius of a designated point determined by a ref. The attacking team will start in a different location and will follow a medic/respawn/medic system for 3 lives. The attackers goal is to knock the green and yellow post down or kill all defenders.
    20 minute run time, bleed out determined by refs prior to game start.

  • Gears: Similar to TDM however game is played with medics and no respawns. Bleed out determined by refs prior to game. Unlimited medics. Game time is 10 minutes swapping sides between 2 rounds

  • Chaos:(1) Similar rules to TDM however when a player is killed they tap a designated respawn point and join the opposite team. Game has no time, play until one side has all players. 

(2) Similar rules to gears however when a play is revived by the opposing team they then join that team. If revived by same team they stay on that teams. Game has no time, play until one side has all players. 


  • Domination:(1) Full field Players are divided up in to 2 teams. Spawns are at compound and field entrance. Players are to go to each large flag post on the field (3 total 1 shanty town, 1 center field by river line, 1 fuel depot) and raise their teams flag color. Once the flag is raised they must maintain control. 30 Minute game with sides flipping. If a tie there will be a 3rd round with only one flag in play. Medic rules with a 30 second bleed out walk back to spawn.
    (2) Shanty town only: For smaller open plays same rules will apply however players will be using 5 smaller flags in shanty town. Spawns at big rock and river hill. Instead of medic rules all respawns.

  • Capture the flag: Players are divided up and a flag is placed in the middle of the field. Players are to attempt to grab the flag and bring it back to their spawn. Respawn only game. If a player is shot while carrying the flag they must drop it in the exact position and go respawn. Game time is 15 minutes or until flag is brought to a spawn.

  • Swat: Players are divided into 1 large team (terrorist) and 1 smaller team (swat). The terrorist then occupy a large building or area. Terrorist have no respawns and no medics (1 n done). Swat team will be assigned medics by staff. Game time 10 minutes or until all terrorist or swat are dead. 

  • Intel Scavenger: 10 props or “intel” are placed around the field. Players are split into 2 teams both teams will have unlimited respawns. Each team must work to capture all the intel and find the cache. Game time is 30 minutes or until Cache is retrieved. Team with the cache brought back to spawn wins. 

  • Gold Rush: 51 gold blocks are placed in 2 positions around fuel depot and each team is given a bucket. The team must work together to retrieve the gold blocks (5 at a time in the bucket) and bring them back to their spawns. Unlimited respawns game time 10 minutes. Team with most blocks at their spawn wins.

  • Search and destroy: Players split into 2 teams. One team is designated as the attacking team and the other defending team. Attacking team is given 2 bombs which they must take and plant at 2 specific bomb locations. To plant the bomb the player must place the bomb down on the ground and hold it with 2 hands for 30 seconds to activate it. Once activated defending team has 5 minutes to defuse it. To defuse the bomb defending players must hold the bomb for 30 seconds with both hands. Once a bomb is defused it can be reactived by the attacking team. Players cannot shoot while carrying, activating/deactivating the bomb. Game time is 20 minutes attacking team must blow up both locations to win. Medic rules with 30 second bleed out to spawn.

Other smaller or large scale game modes can be played upon request to staff. Staff has the right to deny any game mode at anytime due to player count/unfavorable conditions. If there is a game you would like to see be implemented please bring it up to us!

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